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LEDA co-op: A community that cares

LEDA Co-op
Building services co-op LEDA provides sustainable construction (photographer Robin Mitchell)

Building services co-op LEDA provides sustainable construction solutions – from new builds and refurbishments to plumbing, heating design, green energy installations and more.

A co-op for more than 20 years, from day one, LEDA has existed to promote sustainable, low-carbon designs, working for the community and the environment.

Connie Campbell is a LEDA co-op member and Building Services Engineer. “Making buildings environmentally friendly, it’s quite challenging – but for us it feels like an everyday thing,” she says. “All the buildings we do are low-energy.”

Much of LEDA’s work focuses on the optimisation of heating systems. Heating accounts for a quarter of UK carbon. Connie and her colleagues size radiators, work with renewable heating and insulation – and install heat pumps rather than traditional boilers.

The Leeds-based co-op also works with churches and local charity groups who need non-profit jobs during refurbishment. “They’re important for the community and it’s important for everyone to have a comfortable, safe space that’s sustainable for the future,” says Connie.  

For her, being part of a co-op is not only good for the community – it’s good for the health!

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I’ve improved my mental health and I think the co-op structure has helped a lot in that sense. My previous job was very focussed on consumerism and it was unfulfilling. Working at LEDA makes me feel like I'm making a difference: it's much more fulfilling
– Connie Campbell is a LEDA co-op member and Building Services Engineer

Nouman Ahmed is another LEDA Building Services Engineer. So what are the advantages of co-op membership for him? “Democracy!” he says. “We can all put forward our proposals, it’s not one person who makes the decision. We work as a team.

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It’s equal rights as well. In most of the companies I’ve worked for, there are different ranks. You’ve got your engineers and your directors. Here we all are equal – the ranking system doesn’t exist. We discuss things and vote. And based on that, we move forward.
– Nouman Ahmed, LEDA Building Services Engineer

Being part of a co-op has given Nouman a great opportunity to grow professionally. “If you see yourself as your own boss, then join a co-op,” is his advice. “You learn all those skills that you wouldn’t in a bigger company because the focus on business, client communication and teamwork. Co-ops are a place that teach you how to be your own boss.”

It’s a sentiment that Connie echoes. “Joining a co-op is great because it’s so supportive. People care about you. Co-ops are communities. The company is the community and they genuinely care about you and developing you.”

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