Guide: Our governance

Our Board

The Board sets the strategic direction of Co-operatives UK. The composition of the Board of Directors reflects our membership with seats reserved for different categories.

The election process for 2019 has been completed. Discover which seats were up for grabs and how the process works here.

The Board is integral to the success of Co-operatives UK, providing direction and guidance to our Management Team.

The breakdown of how seats are allocated can be found here

Co-operatives UK Board of Directors

  • Nick Matthews, Chair
  • Cheryl Barrott
  • John Chillcott
  • Robin Fieth
  • Rebecca Hamilton
  • Phil Hartwell
  • Ross Hodgson
  • Emma Howard
  • Andrew Lofty
  • Mary McGuigan
  • Don Morris
  • Cath Muller
  • Steve Nuttall
  • Beverley Perkins
  • Mark Simmonds
  • Paul Singh
  • David Stanbury
  • Eddie Thorn
  • Vivian Woodell


As a member, you can stand for election to the Board of Directors and become more involved in what we do. Contact Zena King for more information.