Guide: Our governance

Our Board

The Board sets the strategic direction of Co-operatives UK. The composition of the Board of Directors reflects our membership with seats reserved for different categories.

What could you do for the co-operative movement? The 2020 election cycle is underway and we are seeking new directors to help us promote, develop and unite co-ops across the UK. Discover which seats are up for grabs and how the process works here.

The Board is integral to the success of Co-operatives UK, providing direction and guidance to our Management Team.

The breakdown of how seats are allocated can be found here

Co-operatives UK Board of Directors

  • Nick Matthews, Chair
  • Cheryl Barrott
  • John Chillcott
  • Robin Fieth
  • Rebecca Hamilton
  • Phil Hartwell
  • Ross Hodgson
  • Emma Howard
  • Andrew Lofty
  • Mary McGuigan
  • Don Morris
  • Cath Muller
  • Steve Nuttall
  • Beverley Perkins
  • Mark Simmonds
  • Paul Singh
  • David Stanbury
  • Eddie Thorn
  • Vivian Woodell


As a member, you can stand for election to the Board of Directors and become more involved in what we do. Contact Zena King for more information.