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#CoopStories: A moving story from Southern Co-op

At Southern Co-op community matters. Making a positive difference at a local community level is a core theme running though the organisation’s values and principles - and it sets Southern Co-op apart.

The independent society runs more than 250 community food stores and funeral homes across 11 counties in southern England. One of those stores is located in Bridgwater, Somerset and its Southern Co-op team demonstrated their community values when Somerset Care residents faced a potentially daunting move into new premises.  

The new purpose-built care home in Stockmoor opened its doors in March 2017. And beyond the doors its new residents were greeted with bouquets of flowers, boxes of chocolates and a delicious buffet - all courtesy of the Bridgwater store who also provided a warm welcoming committee.

Simon Clover, Area Support Manager at Southern Co-op, said: "Steve (Gurd, Bridgwater Store Manager) and I met with Barbara Lee, the Care Home Manager a few days before opening.

"One of her concerns was catering for the new residents and 130 colleagues on moving day as it was going to be quite a stressful time for all involved. We offered to help them with a buffet to make the day easier.”

One of the residents, Eileen, was happy to share her thoughts on moving day. She said: "I only arrived this morning and you do get a bit worried when it’s a new place, but all my fears have gone. It’s a lovely place – the other place I was in was too – but I’m very pleased.

Barbara Lee said: “I would like to thank the Southern Co-op team for all they have done to welcome our residents. The move into a new home can be daunting, but being given beautiful bouquets of flowers, boxes of chocolate and a lunch buffet was so welcoming for us all.”

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Written by Dominic Mills
Updated: 27/06/2017