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Sociocracy in co-operative organisations





A record of topics that arise in meetings that need attention from the Circle. The Backlog is used to construct future agendas.

Consensus Decision Making

A process for finding solutions that everyone actively supports, or at least can live with.

Consent Decision Making

A process for agreeing proposals. Consent is reached when there are no remaining objections.

Collective Governance

All of the members are also directors of the organisation.


A working group / team of (ideally) four to seven people who manage defined functions of the organisation.


A list of areas any given Circle has decision-making authority over.

Double Linking

Two members of a Circle (its elected Leader and Delegate) attend the next linked Circle within the organisation’s structure. These two members are full members of both Circles, supporting information flow and alignment of decisions.

General Meeting

A meeting open to the entire membership of the co-operative.

Mission Circle

The Board of Directors.

Opening Round

Opening Rounds are a check-in at the start of a meeting, an opportunity to boost connection between members and to share relevant information about anything impacting on a member’s ability to participate in a meeting.


Decisions made within a circle are referred to as “policy decisions”.


Speaking one-by-one in turn until everyone has spoken once.

Selection Process

The sociocratic open elections process - selecting people into circles and roles using a nominations process and Consent Decision Making instead of a secret ballot.