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Sociocracy in co-operative organisations

Editable templates to get you started

Easy ways to integrate sociocratic tools

It can feel daunting to contemplate big changes to your governance system – the training and time input required is significant. The good news is that sociocracy doesn’t have to be implemented wholesale to be useful to your co-operative. It provides a useful collection of tools to improve participation in meetings and encourage engagement that are suitable for co-ops of all sizes and structures to experiment with.


Easy to introduce – no training or special jargon required. Suggest a go-round to hear everyone’s thoughts on whichever topic is under discussion. Alternatively suggest a go-round to start a meeting off – perhaps an opportunity for participants to introduce themselves or use a prompt such as sharing a highlight from the past week.

Good enough for now, safe enough to try

Next time you’re making a decision, try using the steps of the consent decision-making process. When it comes to saying yes or no, ask everyone to think whether the proposal is good enough for now and safe enough to try.

Download sociocracy templates