The New Leaf Co-op

Trading address:
23 Argyle Place
City of Edinburgh

The New Leaf Co-op is collectively owned and managed by the people who work here, and we have chosen to put our principles right at the heart of our business.

Our aim is simple: To offer affordable, healthy vegetarian wholefoods, with a focus on organic, locally sourced and fairtrade products, with as little packaging as possible.

We carry more than 150 different lines of food and household products for customers to scoop and refill themselves, and our range is ever growing.

As a Worker’s co-operative, we all take equal responsibility in running the business. We aim to pay ourselves a living wage, and further profits are channeled back into the business and toward seeding new projects with similar aims. We’ve built a workplace that we want to be a part of, and as we’re the people our customers meet and talk to when they shop, customer’s input really does help shape the business.