Network Roi

Trading address:
Stobo House
Midlothian Innovation Centre
EH25 9RE

Network ROI was formed in 2003 by Sean Elliot, a well-known and respected IT professional and entrepreneur with over 20 years’ worth of experience in the IT and telecoms industry.

Things have changed considerably since 2003. Technology has become more advanced and, more to the point, business has become increasingly reliant upon computing to get things done. We need the latest equipment, mobile devices, secure networks and incredibly complex software – just to send a simple e-mail!

Technology isn’t the only thing to have changed since 2003. Network ROI have grown to become a 20-strong team, boasting a fantastic client portfolio of successful companies that work in Scotland.
This rapid growth led to Sean taking the bold move of making Network ROI an employee-owned company. Employee ownership is a fairer way of doing business that has many positive benefits for staff and customers alike.

EO is a sustainable business model that safeguards our clients’ interests against major service disruption, hostile takeovers and unfair price inflation. It also empowers every person within the business to make better-informed decisions and to go the extra mile for our valued customers whenever possible.

We’re proud to have such a caring and supportive working environment. We do whatever it takes to make sure that everyone at Network ROI is happy in their work and suitably rewarded for their efforts.