First Milk

Trading address:
1 George Square
Glasgow, City of
G2 1AL

First Milk is a leading UK farmers’ co-operative with a significant Scottish presence, producing around 70 per cent of Scotland's raw milk output. Its key role is to deliver value to marketing chains by efficiently organising, managing and delivering raw milk which conforms to required specifications, to meet the requirements of its customers.

In addition, it is responsible for negotiating prices on behalf of the farmer members and bringing stability to the marketplace. It also produces and distributes dairy products such as cheese and butter, through its own creameries via its subsidiary 'Scottish Dairy Products' and other joint ventures. Its main area of operation in Scotland is in the Southwest and West Central regions and Argyll. It is also a key player in Southern England, and is developing business in Northern England. First Milk has a turnover of around GBP400m.