Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative

Trading address:
8 Alvanley Terrace
City of Edinburgh
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A workers co-operative. The co-op's mission statement is to 'promote cycling in the UK as a pastime, and as a method of transport by making it easier and more enjoyable to own and ride a bike.' That's why we stock the widest selection of genuinely useful cycling equipment that you will find under one roof, anywhere in the UK. Edinburgh Bicycle is Scotland's longest established workers' co-op. This means that the business is owned and run by the employees. Once a member of staff has worked full time at Edinburgh Bicycle for 2 years, he or she becomes a member of the co-op with an equal share in the business. We trust that this staff involvement in the co-op will always manifest itself in the form of friendly, informed professional advice whenever you pop in, or give us a call