Advance Credit Union

Trading address:
200 Sutton New Road
B23 6QU

Credit Unions are financial not-for-profit co-operatives. We offer a convenient and safe way to put some money away for the future and a cost-effective way to borrow ethically and responsibly. Most of our members save by standing order, have benefits paid in or by Payroll Deduction. We also have a customer service desk at our head office in Erdington plus a network of community collection points across our region.

Membership of Advance Credit Union is open to anyone who lives or works in a 'B' postcode including Birmingham and Solihull Borough, see our map for further details.

Credit Unions are often thought of as the 'poor person's bank', and we do indeed provide essential financial services to many people who would otherwise be financially excluded and susceptible to loan sharks and sub-prime lenders. However for a community credit union to thrive it has to be for everyone. We encourage everyone to save regularly, even a small amount, and those savings are lent back out to credit union members in our community.