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The value of organisational values

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Jenny Holsgrove
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Jenny Holsgrove
15th July 2020
HR & Culture
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If you look at your mission and vision over the last year, what values have you demonstrated? How have you demonstrated them? And which values fell by the wayside?

Values and strategic planning

Values are important to the strategic planning process. They provide you with a touchstone for developing appropriate strategies and tactics - any strategy or tactic that opposes your co-op's values should be reconsidered.

Even if your organisation already has well-defined mission, vision, and values statements, it’s important to review them regularly. As the world changes and our understanding of each other changes with it.

When looking forward to your next strategic plan and response to the current pandemic, the balance between collective and individual responsibility and your organisational response is critical. Building on empowerment, inclusiveness and shifting responsibility places values centre stage. As our values define our behaviours.

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Values are more than words. They come to life when we demonstrate them in our planning and day to day activities. We often speak of ‘leading from the top’ but what about leading from all directions?

Empowering members, staff and directors to live the values and question us. When there is a clash, we should explore why – without fear - and re-evaluate our behaviours.

By connecting your people to your message you can make work more meaningful. This is more important than ever, as we are forced to reconnect with our purpose and why. Now is the time to look to your values and make sure that your mission and vision truly live up to your purpose. So that you and your people can find new and exciting ways to reconnect with their ‘why’.

Your values are what you and your employees believe, and how you’ll behave. This is the foundation of your organisational culture.

Jenny is our Head of Culture and Performance
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