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Co‑operative culture of kindness

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Jenny Holsgrove
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Jenny Holsgrove
9th July 2020
HR & Culture
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A culture of kindness makes for happier, more energetic and more collaborative people.

A culture of kindness makes for happier, more energetic and more collaborative people. This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme is kindness. It has never been more relevant to build motivation and positivity.

We are finding new ways to engage and support our colleagues at Co‑operatives UK – and we can support co‑operatives to do the same in their own workplaces.

Co‑operative cultures promote transparency, free flow of information and inclusiveness. There is a growing shift towards collaboration, connection and emotional awareness of others. If you can transform your approach and empower everyone you work with to engage with this approach, your co‑op will move from strength to strength.

Kindness has a lasting effect on happiness building optimism, gratitude and mindfulness. It is possible to improve an individual’s perspective of themselves. As well as their life and the world around them. For example, you could establish behaviours such as ‘a random act of kindness’.

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Happy people are more likely to embrace responsibility, seek out more opportunities and even manage setbacks with more resilience.

To help your co‑op culture flourish you can raise happiness levels by:

  • Spreading messages of support, kindness and wellbeing
  • Establishing goal setting, positive communication and strength-based approaches
  • Placing kindness at the heart of your strategy and you can promote happiness and challenge.

To increase wellbeing and encourage high performance. Change comes from the inside‑out.

Kindness, empowerment and culture connect engagement and performance. By establishing behaviours of kindness you will spark joy and inspiration which will strengthen your culture, co‑operation and collaboration. This will help to build an environment founded on an increased state of enjoyment.

So why don’t you try Action for HappinessJoyful June and spread some kindness? See if you and your team feel better for it!

Want to know more?

Contact our advice team if you want to talk more about culture in your co‑op.
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