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Webinar: How co-ops can empower communities


23rd November 2022
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An opportunity for groups and individuals across the UK to discover the power of co‑ops to strengthen communities.

About the webinar

The last decade has seen an increase in the number of community owned co‑ops across the UK. Co‑ops are democratic businesses that allow local communities to take control of the services and spaces that matter most to them. They enable people to pool resources to trade goods and services that benefit the community. 

Watch this webinar to discover:

  • How local people can form co‑ops to create solutions that meet their needs and enrich and revitalise their neighbourhoods.
  • The important role co‑operatives can play in strengthening communities, creating wealth locally and enabling people to have greater control over what happens in their area or community of interest. 
  • The benefits of the co‑op model for empowering people at grass roots level.
  • How communities can come together to take control of local assets. 

Hosted by John Dawson from the Community Shares Unit at Co-operatives UK, the webinar hears from members of a number of organisations that are benefitting local communities as well as communities of interest:

  • Sarah Batten, founding co-director of The Exchange in Erith, a community‑owned community hub with a year-round programme of workshops and events.
  • James Hartley, CEO of LATCH (Leeds Action to Create Homes), which refurbishes derelict and run‑down houses in Leeds.
  • Andy Walsh, Head of National Game and Community Ownership at the Football Supporters Association.

Next steps

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