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VIDEO: Bouncers are clubbing together in Newcastle


3rd August 2017
Last updated
22nd October 2020
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Content by The Hive

In Newcastle, things are changing – bouncers are clubbing together. Watch an inspiring film about a unique new co-op of self-employed bouncers, and find out how YOU could reimagine your work, food or housing…

Working on the door of a pub or club isn’t easy. Dealing with aggressive confrontation, people fuelled by alcohol. And often, the training and support for door staff is inadequate. But in Newcastle, things are changing. Bouncers are clubbing together by forming a new co-operative.

The video features Security Professionals Support Co-operative. Brought to you by Co‑operatives UK in partnership with The Co‑operative Bank. Captured by Blake House Filmmakers Co‑operative, who also received support from The Hive

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