CASE STUDY: Helping Blake House Film Co-operative plan for a sustainable future

As a new start-up business, Blake House Filmmakers Co-operative applied to The Hive to access an experienced peer mentor to help them with a range of  areas, from business development to client management.

Blake House Film Co-operative is an award-winning, values-driven co-operative. As they look to increase their client base and establish a regular stream of work, they applied to The Hive to receive peer mentoring support, working with a co-operative mentor that works in the creative industries, to give them some mentor support at a critical stage in their development.

Blake House was matched with Calverts, a communications design, print and production house in east London specialising in branding, content and design. Having access to an experienced mentor like Calverts has been "essential for the development of our co-op," says Simon Ball, Co-Founder of Blake House Film Co-operative:

"It’s helped us address areas we haven’t yet had chance to. We sat down with several members of Calverts who work in different departments and basically troubleshooted our co-op. Calverts has been around for so long that they know all of the problems we face and how to effectively and co-operatively solve them.

It’s allowed us to develop our HR department and get into place the policy and documentation that we need to develop our co-op. It’s also helped us in terms of business and client management, marketing and accountancy."

Peer mentoring is available as part of The Hive support for groups actively planning a new co-operative business or organisation, or who are ready to set up and incorporate as a co-operative:

"Getting paired with an experienced mentor is something I would say is essential to the development of a start up co-op. All businesses go through problems during their startup phase and being able to tap in to a wealth of experience and knowledge specifically tailored to the worker co-op sector allows you to take the lessons learnt by others and apply them to your own business, saving time and energy and allowing your development to progress much faster."

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Written by Leila O'Sullivan
Updated: 02/04/2019