Scottish manifesto asks


24th February 2021
A new co-operative approach in Scotland

Ahead of the Scottish parliamentary elections in May 2021, Co-operatives UK has created a document outlining four national programmes that, if implemented, will deliver a more inclusive and sustainable Scottish economy, while also helping to build a fairer and more just society. 

    We have written to each party leader asking them to include co-op development in their manifestos. 

    If adopted by the new Scottish government, the co-op economy could grow further through four key programmes:

    • An entrepreneurs’ scheme aimed at establishing new worker co-ops;
    • A job recovery scheme designed to protect the livelihoods of workers threatened by business sale, restructuring or closure; 
    • More support for housing co-operatives to help local communities develop more affordable housing; 
    • A boost for community funding via a scheme aimed at making institutional investment in local assets easier.
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