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Delivered by Co-operatives UK in partnership with The Co-operative Bank
The Hive application guidance – support for existing co‑ops

Application questions – additional support questions

Support providers, mentors and trainers

Do you have a specific provider in mind to deliver the direct one-to-one support?

  • You are able to indicate a preferred support provider for all aspects of the support available as part of your application. If your application is successful, we will make every effort to allocate you your preferred support provider. However, we reserve the right to offer an alternative based on availability, geography, skills and experience.
  • You can see a list of The Hive Support Providers here:
  • Do you have an existing working relationship with the selected provider? You will be asked to select the provider from a drop down list.

Peer mentoring

Do you have a specific mentor in mind to deliver the peer mentoring support?

  • If you would like to be mentored by an existing trading co-op or have a pre-existing relationship with a co-op that you wish to continue, you will be asked to provide details of the co-op.
  • Please provide information regarding your relationship with the support mentor you have indicated

Training providers

  • Do you have a specific organisation or training provider in mind to deliver bespoke in-house skills training? If so you will be asked to provide details. 
  • Why have you indicated this training provider?
  • How will you benefit from the training?