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26th March 2019
Last updated
5th November 2020
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Download and complete this financial projections template, which acts as the second 'half' of your business plan.

In the narrative part:

  • Your projections should include: Annual budgets – income and expenditure itemised, possibly analysed by department; monthly cash flow forecasts; annual profit & loss projections; annual balance sheet forecasts.
  • What assumptions these figures are based on: What your start up capital requirements are; where investment is coming from and under what terms; what further investment is required and plans to raise it; when the break-even point will be reached; how much sales income is required to reach break-even; other key financial indicators specific to the enterprise.
  • Summarise other scenarios that have been considered in financial terms, such as contingency plans, to demonstrate to investors (and yourselves) that their investments will be safe whatever happens.

The information and tools in this section have been developed by our colleagues at Co-operative Assistance Network.

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