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Co-operatives and elections

Stage 7: Dealing with the outcome

Counting process

Following the conclusion of the voting process, the Secretary or any employed outside agency should oversee the counting process.

If it is feasible for candidates to observe the count (if ballot papers are being counted, for instance), this should be allowed, but not so that they are able to intervene in the process.

Good practice is to announce the results as soon as reasonably practicable, to avoid any unnecessary stress for those involved.

If there is a tie for any position, then the constitution may specify what should take place; if it does not, then lots can be drawn to decide the successful candidate.

Candidates should be informed before the results are made public.

It is rare (though not unknown) for candidates to seek to challenge the outcome of a co-operative election. Because of this possibility, careful records should be kept of how the process has been run at each stage, in order that the co-operative can demonstrate that it has followed good practice throughout.