Press release

Safeguarding co-ops through Brexit

With Article 50 to be triggered at the end of March we have developed a detailed briefing setting out the areas of EU legislation and policy that need to be retained during Brexit.

Since the vote to leave the European Union, we have been working through the web of EU policies affecting co-ops and have identified a series of key areas that need to incorporated in some form into UK law. These include: 

  • EU competition law
  • EU co-operative law
  • EU public procurement directives
  • EU recognition of, and support for, co-operatives
  • EU structural and investment funds

We would welcome views from Co-operatives UK members on this policy document before we share it with the government officials and begin negotiations to safeguard key legislation affecting the sector.

You can email views directly to our Policy Officer James Wright or use the Policy and Voice Forum as a channel to discuss views on the paper.

Deadline: please add your views by Friday 7 April.