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Webinar: Hosting an online AGM


Start date / time
Tuesday 18 May 2021, 10:00am
End date / time
Tuesday 18 May 2021, 11:30am
FREE for members of Co-operatives UK and £10 + VAT for non-members
More information
[email protected]
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Join Linda Barlow from Co‑operatives UK for this webinar on Tuesday 18 May from 10-11.30am.

About the webinar

It's likely that a majority of AGM's will take place either online or as a hybrid event in 2021.

Join Linda from Co-operatives UK's Advice Team as she invites a range of governance practitioners from co-ops to share their experience and best practice in planning and running an online AGM.

From planning to holding an AGM, the panel will provide insights on what worked well and not so well. We will also look at the technology used to ensure that members are able to participate in the AGM.


  • This webinar will take place online for 1.5 hours
  • Panellists will share their experience and advice followed by Q&A with attendees

How much does it cost?

  • This webinar is FREE for members of Co-operatives UK.
  • £10 + VAT for non-members. Co-operatives UK members receive 30% off all paid events – plus LOTS more benefits. Learn about Co-operatives UK membership.

What attendees will learn

This webinar will give you ideas, hints and tips on how to run a successful and engaging online AGM.

Please note there is a separate How to run your first AGM webinar taking place later this year.

Who should attend?

Secretaries and/or those responsible for the governance within cooperatives.

About the panellists

Amy Hall, Co-editor, New Internationalist magazine

Amy Hall is a Co-editor of New Internationalist magazine, working across the bi-monthly magazine and website. New Internationalist has been publishing stories of social and environmental justice since 1973. A worker co-op since 1980, New Internationalist became a multi-stakeholder co-operative in 2017 and is now co-owned by its workers and over 3,600 international readers. As a co-operative director Amy is part of the Fundraising and Investment Group, which includes working with co-owners and being part of the organizing team for the Annual General Meeting.

She is also an active organizer in the co-operative movement, particularly in Brighton & Hove where she lives. She is a member of Bunker Housing Co-operative.

Jonathan Atkinson, Staff and board member, Carbon Co-op

Jonathan Atkinson is a staff and board member at the Carbon Co-op, a community energy organisation based in Manchester and specialising in home retrofit and innovative low carbon technologies. He has worked in co-operatives his whole professional life, starting at Ethical Consumer Magazine and cofounding the OpenSpace co-working office. Carbon Co-op is a community benefit society that uses the Carver (or Policy) governance model.

Silena Dominy, Director of Corporate Affairs and Society Secretary, Southern Co-op

Silena is Director of Corporate Affairs and Society Secretary for Southern Co-op. Within these roles she has responsibility for a wide breadth of areas focussed around risk and compliance, legal and governance, membership and customer services, and data protection.  She has held governance based roles in the Society for the last 19 years and is a member of the Chartered Governance Institute.

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