YourB Credit Union

Trading address:
Ansar House
61 Kingsway
M19 2LL
Community, Finance

YourB started as a grassroots response to interest based student finance.

The Steering Group were set up in 2015 to establish and ethical and inclusive finance solution. YourB gained support from Ansar Finance in 2016 who have agreed to host the credit union, and from UKCreditUnions Ltd who are the trade association from 2017, and we have completed the Barclays Credit Union Training Programme in 2018.

The full application was submitted to the regulators in Feb 2019. YourB Credit Union is now authorised from 21 Jan 2020 as the first Sharia compliant credit union in the UK with its initial focus on saving schemes and loans for student and continuous professional development. YourB is supported by a number of organisations who will offer YourB to their members.

Please pledge your support and help grow this credit union to support students through courses and professional development. We are looking for volunteers and members interested to join. You can support YourB by passing on information to organisations and individuals, and you can help with the fund raising for the essential costs. YourB is hosted by Ansar Finance in Manchester who have been offering interest free personal loans for over twenty five years.