Wonderland Day Care Nursery Co-op (Luton)

Trading address:
6 Strathmore Walk
Family and Health, Education and Learning

A workers co-operative, day care nursery.

Wonderland was established in the autumn of 1995 and led the way in Luton as the first Co-operative Day Care Nursery in the town.

The team aim to create a fully inclusive nursery, where all children, whatever their needs shall be regarded as equal members of the setting. The nursery provides children with a stimulating, happy and caring atmosphere that will enable them to be interested, excited and motivated to learn, giving them the opportunity to explore, create, imagine and interact through play.

Children are given the freedom to develop as individuals and socially with the group, and promote desirable behaviour, encouraging the children to be respectful, responsible, co-operative and polite with an understanding of cultural, physical and special needs within our society.