Transave UK

Trading address:
G4 Business Centre
Carlisle Street East
S4 7QD

TransaveUK is a credit union available to qualifying company employees and their families. We operate independently within qualifying organisations.

TransaveUK policies, including interest rates and maximum loan amounts, are set by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by and from the membership itself.

Only a member of the credit union can deposit money with the credit union, or borrow money from it. Members receive any profits earned by the co-operative, normally in the form of a dividend paid on their savings.

TransaveUK started in 1996 as Mainline Employees Credit Union and, at that time, was only available to Mainline employees in South Yorkshire. In 1999 the name was changed to TransaveUK and started to expand within the FirstGroup organisation. This enabled TransaveUK to offer membership outside the South Yorkshire region. Over the following years TransaveUK grew to cover every UK bus depot within FirstGroup (except Scotland).

Today we have extended our membership to cover many types of organisations. Current examples include a medium-sized engineering company based in Sheffield and some large national bus companies.