Swindon Music Co-operative

Trading address:
Astoria House, 65/66 Victoria Road
Education and Learning

Swindon Music Co-operative was formed in 1998 following the closure of the LEA's instrumental teaching service. The Co-operative is a membership body, which provides marketing and administration services to self-employed music teachers.

The company is a democratically run organisation and is owned and managed by its teacher-members. Policy and strategy is formulated on behalf of teacher-members by an elected Board of Directors and is professionally administered by the company's only two employees: the Company Administrator and Clerical Assistant. The number of teachers working through the Co-operative has increased significantly from 22 teacher-members in 1998 to more than 50 today. New teachers are always welcome (subject to interview and statutory checks), as the demand for tuition continues to grow. The majority of our work consists of weekly lessons within schools. Tuition is delivered for 33 weeks throughout the academic year. We work in partnership with Swindon Music Service.