Stockwood Community Benefit Society

Trading address:
Rush Farm
Stockwood Business Park
B96 6SX

Stockwood Community Benefit Society was formed to preserve and protect Rush Farm in perpetuity and to embed ethical management of capital in mainstream business. The organisation has an amazing opportunity to promote and explain a wide range of environmentally and socially sustainable methods and processes.

The organisation is a co-operative society, with members that have invested and so made a financial commitment to the objects of the Society. This method of ownership widens the community hugely from those working on the site to include all the members of the co-op too. Those joining the co-op, which can include the tenants, are all helping to further the objects and demonstrate that social enterprise can reach out into mainstream business, and that just by trading and paying rent, companies can be a positive force for good.

This is special form of co-op, specially designed as it focuses not only on generating profit, but also on delivering particular community benefits, thus the name “Stockwood Community Benefit Society”.