The Rubbish Art Project

Trading address:
The Rubbish Art Bank
Art Bank,13 High Street
Shepton Mallet
Community, Creative

We are Lucy Smith & Mandy Briggs two locals who have worked together on a wide variety of projects, promoting and implementing green initiatives at Glastonbury Festival for the past 5 years. We have worked closely with environmental charities, film makers and artists, collaborating on projects that reduce festival waste and rase awareness of the festivals impact on its environment.

With the knowledge and experience gained from working together at the festival and a strong passion to raise awareness around the growing concerns of global plastic pollution & excessive waste, Lucy and Mandy set up the rubbish art project. A social enterprise scheme aimed at inspiring social change and re-thinking the way we look at waste by bringing together people of the community to collaborate on artistic projects .

Our vision is to launch the rubbish art project in Shepton Mallet. There is a strong sense of community amongst locals, shop owners and small businesses. Recent ventures such as the successful snow drop festival and the Shepton Shop Window Project go to show that the towns people have the capacity to pull together as a community and make improvements to the town. Our project would unite with the ethos that already exists and with the spirit of the community we will enhance Shepton town centre into a unique and vibrant market town. One that will put Shepton on the map attracting locals, tourists and art lovers alike.