Real Media Coop

Trading address:
119 Holly Park Estate
N4 4BJ
Community, Creative

Real Media is a cooperative of journalists dedicated to public interest journalism and challenging mass media distortion.

We believe the large media organisations, as they currently exist, increasingly serve the interest of a small establishment – their owners, their advertisers and the governments that they get most of their information from.

This has lead to severe problems in representation, concentration of ownership and the interests that lead media and political debate. This has damaging effects on public interest and progress.

To maintain our autonomy and resilience, we do not feature advertising on the Real Media website and do not source funding this way.

We campaign and support moves for media democracy, and we support the availability of information for all.

Our aims are many-fold; to shift public debate, to impact national policy on media ownership, to build collaboratively with other independent media and campaign organisations, to provide challenging public interest journalism that corrects and educates on media distortion, and to maintain independence as a media co-operative.

We intend to stand up for public interest journalism in as many ways we can, as we see a well informed public as a vital component to progress in society and creating change. As an organisation we intend to grow and adapt as we try and meet these objectives.