One Another Management

Trading address:
66 Barry Road
SE22 0HP

As a co-op, we are slightly different from other agencies. Our members are fully involved in the governing process of the agency and the workload of the agency. This means actors fully participate in their career and its development.

Even then, we are also slightly different from another co-ops. We take pride in our fully flexible, committee-based system. In other co-ops, you need to do one day per week in an office, and everyone takes part in the daily running of the agency. This means every day will see someone different at the head of the agency.

At One Another Management we believe in continuity and using our resources to the best advantage. Every member will be in charge of a small part of the business side which will be agreed depending on your skills and preferences. This leaves our lead agent free to deal with casting.

This also means we are highly flexible. You can work from home, and whenever work is required you can organise it as you wish. This means it is easier for people who need a day-job, who have families, who are disabled etc. and who would find it impossible to attend an office in central London, to still participate in the agency.

One Another Management is the middle ground between regular co-ops and regular agencies.