The Minesweeper Collective

Trading address:
70 Norman Road
SE10 9QE

Minesweeper collective has grown from the burnt ashes of what was once H.M.S. Ledsham m.2706, ham class minesweeper, ex-navy wooden vessel constructed in 1954. In 1998, it had become a space to host local events. In 2008, a fire destroyed the stern. From 2012, we have started rebuilding and repairing the damages and renovating the minesweeper project together. Minesweeper collective is made out of creative individuals working together in a co-operative structure. We specialise in the making of design, screen-printing and the organisation of artistic and cultural events. We have built a printing and graphic studio in the hull. The ship is used as an art laboratory where we collectively make artwork, provide artistic services and host artists in residence. Thanks to the collaboration and support of artists and businesses, we organise open workshops and stalls. In particular, we also organise monthly art exhibitions at the birds nest in Deptford, in a gallery inside the pub named “undercurrents gallery”.