Eastern England Fish Producers Organisation

Trading address:
Room F11
St. Hilda's Business Centre
North Yorkshire
YO22 4ET

Eastern England Fish Producers Organisation was formed on 26 June 1981, under the title of Grimsby Fish Producers Organisation and, initially, with a membership of 100% Grimsby owned vessels. It was not long, however, before we started receiving applications from Owners outside the port. Gradually, other vessels joined to stretch the membership geographically from Lowestoft in the South, to North Shields. Thus the seed for the organisation to operate with a wider remit was sown. With the gradual decline of the fleet in Grimsby, along with other ports, the membership became a truly East coast organisation.

In 2003, it was agreed by our members that the co-ops title no longer reflected the membership or the potential scope of its membership. On 26 February 2003, the Organisation changed its name to Eastern England Fish Producers Organisation. As a result of this, our membership now encompasses Harwich in the South, to Fraserburgh in the North of Scotland