Darlington FC Supporters Group

Trading address:
Blackwell Meadows
Grange Road
Social and leisure

Darlington FC Supporters Group is the trading name of Darlington 1883 Supporters’ Society Limited

The Darlington FC Supporters Group (DFCSG) was established on April 10th 2015 with the merger of the CIC, Supporters Club and Supporters Trust. Darlington FC Supporters Group holds 78.5% of the equity of Darlington Football Club and is therefore the major shareholder as well as being the Corporate Director of Darlington Football Club 1883 Ltd.

The purpose of the Supporters Group is to be the vehicle through which a healthy, balanced and constructive relationship between the Football Club and its supporters and the communities it serves is encouraged and developed. The business of the Supporters Group is to be conducted for the benefit of the community served by the Football Club and not for the profit of its members.