Crowdpreneur Society

Trading address:
107 Ley Street

There are great opportunities for business, trade and investment within Africa, but as an individual or small business, where do you start?

With many multinational corporations seemingly dominating world trade, how do you participate effectively in this international trade?

The Anglo African Co-Operative Society (the “Society”) has been established to provide a mechanism to allow small and medium sized businesses to compete on a more equal footing, creating a virtual multinational that operates for the benefit of its Members.

As a co-operative society there are no external shareholders profiting from the hard work of the members; the Shareholders are the Members. Instead of customers, suppliers and employees being squeezed for the benefit of shareholders and a few top executives, all Members will benefit in an equitable fashion based on their level of activity with the Society. Each Member has one vote, however many shares they may hold in the Society.