Community Empowerment

Trading address:
90 Locksway Road
Business, Education and Learning, Co-operative Development

Community Empowerment is a charitable society for the benefit of the community. It brings together individuals and groups that strive to place power into communities, giving people the tools to take control of their destiny and the destiny of their communities. It is for people that want to 'do something' for the good of society. To this end it champions Mutual self-help which is people supporting each other to achieve shared aims.

WE ARE A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY - based upon One Member - One Vote. MEMBERSHIP costs just GBP5 per year. We support those that are prepared to support themselves and others. We are involved in 'welfare-to-work' helping people to improve their employ-ability, primarily through our Community Routes into Employment project which seconds unemployed volunteers to community organisations. There is a similar project operated by our associated Community Interest Company Co-operative Admin Solutions for enterprises.