Community Dental Services

Trading address:
Colworth House
Colworth Park
MK44 1LZ
Family and Health

Community Dental Services is an employee owned social enterprise CIC delivering clinical dental and Oral Health Promotion services throughout Bedfordshire, Luton, Norfolk, Waveney, Oxfordshire, Leicestershire, Essex, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. We provide services from 56 clinics and consistently achieve patient satisfaction rates of 98%.

As a social enterprise, we combine a public service ethos with the innovation and dynamism of a business and emerged with a vision and a belief that being a competitive, well-run and profitable business is the best way of achieving social aims.

We have a clear sense of our social mission which is ‘Improving Oral Health in Ever More Communities’ and we know what difference we are trying to make, who we aim to help, and how we plan to do it.