Community Data Co-operative

Trading address:
Sabrefile Ltd
Suite 1, Staple House
Eleanors Cross
Central Bedfordshire

The Community Data Co-operative is primarily a community research business with the vision of Data for Good.

We ask our members which wellbeing activities and interests appeal to them and then either facilitate them happening and/or find ones already happening to make them more easily accessible. And we act on behalf of our members selling their community insights to public and private sector organisations.

Born in Cumbria, with aspirations to spread across the UK, our members comprise of individuals and businesses who want to offer their brainpower to the Co-operative and other 3rd parties to receive a fair share of the value generated in exchange. We provide ordinary people, living ordinary lives, the opportunity to take some ownership of their data, monetise it and use that income to improve both their lives and those of others in their local communities.

The profits we generate are split amongst the members, a wellbeing fund that supports local community wellbeing initiatives and the co-operative itself.