Coffee Cranks Co-operative

Trading address:
Co-op Cafe
Alexandra Park
Demesne Road
M16 8PJ
Food and Drink

Combining two of our greatest passions, coffee and bicycles, we’ve come up with a creative idea of overcoming the debilitating obstacles that most young start-ups have on their road to success. Running the business from a bicycle eliminates high start-up costs and allows us to successfully compete with the corporate chain shops which are hurting our local economy.

We’re a workers’ cooperative which means that we have equal pay as well as equal say in how the enterprise is run. The business is ultimately run by the team’s consensus and driven by our self-reliance and independence. We are happy that we’ve come so far, motivated by our social goals. We are hopeful and believe that this is just the beginning of our journey towards realising our potential as a group and working towards a better world.