Co-operative Assistance Network

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1-3 Gloucester Road
Bristol, City of
Business, Education and Learning, Co-operative Development

CAN is a workers co-operative of specialist trainers and consultants. Established in 1989, CAN draws on a wide range of experience in developing the social economy sector and is now recognised as a leader in this field. CAN provides specialist development services to co-operatives and community enterprises through business advice, training design and delivery, group facilitation, feasibility studies, development planning support and accessing appropriate funding. CAN delivers these services under contract to local authorites, through national government or European funded projects, direct to co-operatives and community groups, through Co-operative Development Agencies (CDAs) and to other organisations concerned with local regeneration and care. An indicative list of customers can be viewed here. CAN has assembled a team of skilled specialists and resources to enable effective delivery of social economy development. To ensure quality of delivery CAN works to a Professional Code of Conduct.