Cheshire Country Markets

Trading address:
c/o Lyon Griffiths, 17 Alvaston Business Park
Middlewich Road
Cheshire East

The Objectives of the society are to carry on business as a bona fide co-operative for the benefit of its members, to benefit the business of dealers in horticultural, dairy, farm and garden produce, eggs and poultry, home and village industries and produce, to assist the profitable working of small holdings, allotments, garden, home and village industries.

In carrying out these objectives, the society has regard to promoting the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being of the community, especially those who participate in the activities of the society, and shall support, foster and promote the principles and practice of co-operation in its own affairs and in village and local society generally.

In particular, the society supports the principles and objectives of local societies such as the Women's Institute, church activities, local community functions, Darby and Joan to mention just a few.