Catalyst Collective

Trading address:
84 Lennox Road
OL14 8QD
Business, Education and Learning, Co-operative Development

Catalyst Collective is a workers co-operative. We help groups set up and register co-ops and believe in helping people take control of their housing, work and lives through common ownership and collective decision making.
We work with various existing co-ops, as well as groups intending to set up co-ops; on issues such as group-working, legal structures, conflict resolution, financial modelling and viability, business planning, meeting skills etc.

As services we provide:
• Registration of new housing co-ops and offer advice to new groups thinking of setting up as a housing co-op
• Bookkeeping and end of year accounts services
• Training for teaching co-ops and groups doing their own accounts, book-keeping and administration
• Advice and support with financial modelling for community-led housing and other co-operative projects
• Advice and support for co-operatives to develop and plan their business.

Basically, we love working with and promoting co-ops (especially ethical & eco-friendly ones), and have a wide variety of skills & knowledge available.