Carers Direct

Trading address:
First Floor, Unit 2n
South Hams Business Park
Community, Family and Health

Carers Direct South West was founded on a number of key principles. Foremost amongst these are that the organisation should always aim to do the best it can for both its clients and its carers.

We don't do quick in-and-out visits. We make sure that we have enough time to do what our client needs properly, even if that's just spending time making sure everything is OK. We tailor our care plans to the individual needs our clients, and help make sure that they are receiving the support they need from ourselves and other support agencies.

We are organised as a co-operative, with all of our carers as members. All of our members have control over what work they do and when, and how much involvement they will have with the decisions that affect themselves, our clients and the business itself. All of our carers are experienced and dedicated to our principles, and this is reflected in the quality of care they provide.

We do not have shareholders or investors to worry about, and work to keep our costs as low as we can, allowing us to charge reasonable rates to our clients, and pass on as much as we can to our carers.