Camgrain Stores

Trading address:
Cambridge APC
London Road
CB21 4HH
Business, Farming

Camgrain is the UK's largest farmer-owned central storage co-operative, established in 1983. We provide a seamless supply-chain service for our farmer-members, from combine to customer.

Although cost-effective storage is the heart of Camgrain's strategy, it is only the starting point. The latest analytical equipment and expert marketing services add value to members crops and help us respond to economic pressures, developing food legislation and increasingly sophisticated customer requirements.

Our Directors are farmer-members whose overriding concern is to ensure that Camgrain is well-managed, well-informed and well-connected.

Every Camgrain farmer, from the smallest family-owned holding to the largest farming business, benefits from Camgrain membership through cost savings and sound investment in a shared asset and the value Camgrain adds to their crops, which sell at optimum prices in increasingly competitive markets.