Cafe H2O

Trading address:
The Wyche Innovation Centre
Walwyn Road
Upper Colwall
WR13 6PL
Food and Drink

Jamboree is an established project that has been growing and evolving since 2009. Initially we concentrated on producing quality preserves and selling them in the local shops and farmers markets. We then branched out into catering and retail to run Cafe H2O, part of the Malvern Hills GeoCentre at the Wyche Cutting.

Cafe H2O is run entirely by Jamboree 7 days a week throughout most of the year. We welcome members of the public on every day except Wednesday, when it is closed for business events associated with the Wyche Innovation Centre. The cafe serves our own freshly prepared food and drinks and has a lovely friendly atmosphere.

We are set up as a Co-operative to ensure that the profit made from sales is divided between the co-op members all of whom have a learning disability.

If you are interested in cooking, baking, shop work or just enjoy the company of the general public then you may well enjoy Jamboree.