British Growers Association

Trading address:
BGA House
Nottingham Road
LN11 0WB

British Growers Association is an umbrella group comprising a range of organisations operating in the UK horticulture industry and fresh produce sector. The membership includes Crop Associations, Producer Organisations and marketing groups. British Growers also offers a focal point for UK horticulture.

We provide administration and financial services for organisations needing a comprehensive and cost effective solution to their internal administration. We provide a source of information and intelligence about UK horticulture to our members and the wider industry and maintain key relationships with major industry stakeholders.

British Growers Association is a constant advocate of co-ordination, collaboration and co-operation amongst UK growers. It is trusted to operate with objectivity, confidentiality and impartiality, which sustains our credibility and authority.

Our aims

British Growers Association aims to raise the profile of UK horticulture by encouraging a greater understanding of the industry and its importance to the UK economy. UK Horticulture is a major employer, an important source of investment and an integral part of the UK food supply chain. We believe that raising the profile is an ongoing process and our ability to bring together a diverse cross sector of the industry enables us to provide a focal point for the horticultural industry.