Brighton and Hove Energy Services Co-operative (BHESCo)

Trading address:
21-22 Old Steine
Old Steyne House
East Sussex
Business, Utilities

Brighton & Hove Energy Services Co-operative (BHESCo) is a not-for-profit social enterprise founded to tackle two key barriers that prevent property owners from taking action to reduce their environmental impact; technical complexity and financial resource. We are dedicated to an affordable transition from fossil fuels in our energy supply.

The depth of experience and outstanding technical knowledge of BHESCo’s project management team enables the design of a ‘best value for money’ low-carbon energy system for customers which is optimised for their specific energy usage needs and existing building characteristics.

BHESCo proposes a financial solution, applying our ‘Pay as You Save’ finance mechanism to work alongside our customers to meet the capital expenditure of new energy projects. BHESCo raises funding though community share offers. This is a virtuous circle where people in the local community and throughout the UK are invited to become shareholder members of the co-operative, investing their money to install renewable energy generation and energy saving technologies in return for a reliable annual interest payment. Essentially, earning a financial return for investing in the installation of carbon emission reduction equipment.

BHESCo has successfully delivered more than sixty community owned energy projects in this way and have many new projects in development.

BHESCo are seeking to significantly expand the impact of their work by partnering with communities who are interested in developing heat networks and ‘Smart Local Energy Systems’ which will include solar PV, battery storage, data management, smart controllers, equipment and electricity grid flexibility services.

In addition to project development, BHESCo provides an Energy Saving Service to support property owners in identifying where heat and energy are being wasted and how best to remedy deficiencies. BHESCo’s highly qualified, knowledgeable retrofit co-ordinators/energy advisors have the experience to help property owners improve their homes ability to retain heat, while ensuring sufficient ventilation. Our energy team offer home visits, bespoke tariff switching and fuel bill advice to low-income residents throughout the year, building a reputation for improving the quality of life for more vulnerable people who are struggling to afford to stay warm and comfortable in their homes.