Boundary Brewing Co-operative

Trading address:
A5, Portview Trade Centre
310 Newtownards Road
Food and Drink

Boundary is a Belfast based brewery committed to creating only the most interesting of beers, focused on quality ingredients and drawing on inspiration from both the Belgian and the more modern US styles.

At Boundary Brewing, we believe that life is best when enjoyed with others. We believe that great beer is best when enjoyed with others. We are taking this spirit and applying it to the entire process of crafting our beer. We want to share this brewery, and the business, with others.

A co-operative is a business that is owned by and for its members. We are a co-operative brewery because we believe that this is the best model which propels Boundary towards profitability, equality, community, transparency, autonomy, independence and cooperation. We believe that being a co-operative allows Boundary to be shared with others.

We believe that Boundary’s focus on American and Belgian style beers, our location in Belfast, and our non compromising approach to quality ingredients will distinguish us from anything in the NI market. We are excited to push the public’s boundaries and understanding of what beer can be.