Borders Machinery Ring

Trading address:
Leader House
Mill Road
Scottish Borders
Business, Farming

The Borders Machinery Ring (BMR) business covers an area in the Borders of Scotland and north Northumberland. Acting as an agent for its members, it reduces machinery and labour operating costs by facilitating the most efficient use of these resources between members. In addition, BMR supplies a number of other services including labour provision, commodity purchase and rural tourism. BMR, the first Machinery Ring to be formed in the UK in February 1987 by 23 farmers and contractors, has the aim of rationalising labour, machinery and input costs. There are now currently 12 Rings in Scotland and 18 in England and Wales.

In recent years BMR has grown to offer its members a constantly increasing range of benefits to help sustain and improve business viability. Currently, there are nearly 640 members.