Banes Enhanced Medical Services

Trading address:
Unit 13a
Church Farm Business Park
Bath and North East Somerset
Family and Health

Bath and North East Somerset Enhanced Medical Services (BEMS+) is a local not-for-profit organisation that works across the community to improve patient care through providing high quality community based clinical services and by linking together local General Practices to help develop and provide those services. We were formed in 2004 when the three local Out-of-Hours GP services combined.

We provide a wide range of services including Fracture clinics, DVT diagnostics, Vasectomy, Admission reduction support services and a Patient Referral Support Service. We are also about to start some new work improving access at weekends to GPs for those patients who are most vulnerable and at highest need. This work also includes improving access for GPs to the patient record through the use of mobile computing technology as well as looking at General Practice, its needs for the future and how we can meet those needs. This is all part of General Practice preparing for the challenges ahead in terms of higher patient clinical need, the moving of services from hospitals into the community and practices working more closely together.

We are based in the local community and owned by our members who include local GPs, Practice Managers, our staff, patients and the public.