Atherstone Rugby Football Club

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c/o Atherstone Town Cricket Club Ltd
Ratcliffe Road
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Atherstone RFC’s club badge shows the year 1968 as its year of birth however it has been reported that when Lichfield RFC opened their new ground at Cooke Fields on September 8th 1985 a programme was produced which showed a fixture card from the 1876 season. The fixture card shows that on 23rd December 1876 Lichfield played Atherstone at Atherstone with the return fixture taking place on 3rd March the following year. Sadly there is no concrete information about what happened between 1876 and 1967 when the club was rediscovered.

It was six dedicated rugby enthusiasts that brought started the Atherstone RFC that exists to this day. They were R Meacham, J Aherne, A Freer, R Freer, M Hazell and B Pearce. Many of their descendants still have a close relationship with the club. Their sons and grandsons have followed in their footsteps to turn out for Atherstone RFC. Developing the rugby club was difficult given that Atherstone was is sandwiched between two strong rugby playing towns, Nuneaton and Tamworth, however the six men were determined to bring their beloved game to their home town.

When the Club first started to play, there were no leagues and fixtures were made by gentleman’s agreement. As time went by, the Club secured more fixtures and as rugby developed as a sport, becoming professional, so too did the opportunity to compete in leagues and in cup matches for Atherstone RFC. Atherstone became the home of many young players from the local area, some of whom went on to make their mark in the professional game representing their country and their country.