Association of Conservative Clubs (ACC)

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The Association of Conservative Clubs was formed in 1894 and its objects are to assist and encourage the formation of Clubs, to support the principles and aims of The Conservative Party and to assist in the management of Conservative Clubs. There are over 1,000 A.C.C. affiliated Conservative Clubs spread widely over the U.K. The A.C.C. has a national structure through local Federations, Area and Regional Club Councils. Frequent Conferences and Meetings are held and there is a continuous exchange of information on current legislation affecting Private Members' Clubs and political issues. A monthly magazine is published by the A.C.C. containing management and legal advice, together with news from Clubs and other regular features. A reciprocal arrangement, Inter-Affiliation Ticket Scheme provides members of one Club with the opportunity of enjoying the facilities of other Member Clubs.